Sunday, May 9, 2010

Learn more about school districts

The 'award winning Downingtown schools' have been a major factor for home sales in DASD.  Realtors direct clients to several websites that provide good information or   The Philadelphia Inquirer recently published its 2010 School Report Card

Reading about all these school statistics brings up a lot of questions about what exactly a good school means. 
Is it one with a good student teacher ratio? lower class sizes? high math and reading scores?
Now that global markets are a reality, are we looking for diversity? schools emphasizing special programs like learning support, programs for gifted students, IEP....based on our child's needs? should we look for teacher qualifications? or percentage of graduates going on to college?

Parents, educators, please feel free to comment and provide resources that may help further this discussion.

Update Sept 2011 - some more websites that allow you to research schools

Which ones do you like?

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