Tuesday, November 30, 2010

West Chester borough parking meters

West Chester borough is one of my favorite places to hang out.   The plan is to catch a nice meal at one of the local restaurants (read - not chain restaurants) and browse around in the quaint shops which have unique items... basically an entire evening of simple relaxed fun. 

Well, it would not be so relaxed if you were worried about feeding the parking meters or if you saw that piece of paper fluttering on your windshield that said, oops a little too late!  I have to admit - I have helped contribute to the Borough's budget via parking tickets on several occasions but now there is talk about more contributions.

One of the solutions to deal with the shortfall in the West Chester Borough budget is to increase the metered hours, which will bring in additional revenue.  Extend the hours on weekdays at the meters and introduce weekend rates for the garages owned by the borough.  This directly affects the small local businesses who are, needless to say, strongly opposing the move. 

The decision making process has to go through its normal course, which includes a public hearing, and the budget has to be approved before Dec 31st.  Read more about this in the Daily Local News article - and let your opinion be heard! 

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