Monday, December 13, 2010

Housing Market - why the blues?

A recent article in Forbes magazine listed Philadelphia as one of the 10 Best Housing Markets of the Decade!

We often get caught up in the recent so called crash of the mortgage industry and the housing market and fail to see the big, more long term, picture.   If one has to compare investments over the last decade since January 2000, there were significant gains for investing in a house when compared to say the S&P 500.  Read the full article for more information.

Our home is a place where we make memories, raise children, feel warmth and comfort ... a sense of belonging. Our home is where we live, love and laugh.  It is a 'safe harbor' from the storms.  How can we account for all those intangibles in the value?  Is it really fair to compare 'investing' in a home to stocks, bonds and gold?  If we think of home values in terms of family, friends and relationships there is no depreciation - our home is simply priceless!

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