Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mortgage news - rent vs buy?

An interesting article on

Two Deutsche Bank analysts believe that falling home prices and rising rents have contributed to biggest cost savings for homeowners relative to renters in atleast 2 decades!  While one understands the non-monetary benefits of owning a home, the charts show advantages of owning vs renting in numbers as well.

For more information on the article and to see the chart that displays fourth quarter figures for 2002-2011, visit

More real estate tips to help you make your real estate decisions.  Please share below your own analysis on rent vs buy.

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  1. If you'll just be living in the house a few years or the fee is low, then renting can be a sensible option. In most cases, it's better to own a home rather than to rent as you get to pay money towards owning your own property. A home loan, however, is a long-term and substantial amount of debt so it's important that you evaluate your job stability and financial status before you decide on.