Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Despicable customers

Why do so many companies show an utter contempt for their customers? Emails that state "do not reply to this email, this address is not monitored"  or those utterly frustrating - Press 1 for this 2 for that, enter your account number, the name of your first born, and then proceed to the next automated button pushing, defective voice recognition, time wasting marathon.  My pet peeve is the automated marketing call - which tells me - We do not have the time to have a live person talk to you, but we want you to listen to our message and call us if you want to buy our product!

Do we really buy anything from these companies?  Should we make a concentrated effort to give our business only to those that serve us well?  Shouldn't we look for the Southwest airlines and Wegmans kind of customer service with everything we buy?

How does it work in real estate?   Is the Realtor giving you the right advice?  Do your emails and phone calls get returned? Do they know the market? ... no I mean really know the market and neighborhoods.  Do they stay on top of the latest technology and tools?  Every real estate transaction is different so I do not know how exactly I will make a difference to yours - but I offer peace of mind through my level of commitment.

It's been said many times by many people that it costs a lot more to get a new customer than to retain a current one.  Real estate customers are repeat customers - and while they may not buy a house every 2 years, my clients are my cheerleaders and constantly refer business to me.

So here is my story - I look for long term possibilities and lifelong relationships.  If my newsletter annoys you, give me feedback about what you would like to see.  If I don't comply - unsubscribe.  If I am too quick to respond, ask me to back off and give you room.   If I am not responsive enough  just let me know .. maybe a technical glitch.  Bottom line - if I am not getting any referrals from you, I wonder where I went wrong, so be candid.  I can take one on the chin.  

Pick up the phone - I look forward to hearing from you.... and keep those referrals coming.
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