Friday, May 10, 2013

The Favored Daughter - Fawzia Koofi

The Favored Daughter - One woman's fight to lead Afghanistan into the future is a very gripping account of survival against all odds.

I am not much into biographies or autobiographies really - but this one reads like historical fiction.. ..except that it is all true!  The book offers tremendous insight into the history of Afghanistan - from the Soviet occupation to the Mujahideen rebels "freeing" the country, to the Taliban movement and finally the western invasion. 

The Favored Daughter is the story of Fawzia Koofi - the 19th child of a local village leader in rural Afghanistan.   She understands and accepts the life of a girl growing up in an Islamic country under siege - in fact lives it - yet has a modern third-person perspective as she narrates her story much later.  Her language is simple and the book flows at a nice pace, brought about by her clarity of thought.  

There is no judgement, but an attempt to put forth perspectives and some 'matter of fact' acceptance.  I simply loved the female perspective, her letters to her daughters attempting to explain and giving hope for the future, her timid love story amidst mayhem, and above all her spirit and values that guided her thru the journey!  It is a miracle that she lived to tell her story and her sometime shocking and brutal account of her experiences make our worries simply insignificant.

I give the book 5 stars - read it if you want to learn more about Afghanistan, read it if you enjoy books with strong female characters, read it if you are attempting to understand Islam as it is practiced instead of reading  religious scriptures - read it to center your own life and find perspective.

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