Monday, March 9, 2015

All the Light we cannot see - Anthony Doerr

This book by Anthony Doerr was probably the best book I have read in a long time!

It is Word War II story - and a very well written touching account of how the war affects regular people, in a small seaside town in France.

The book is very expertly written and the story development is intricate, switches back and forth in time, and from points of view of different characters.   It keeps you engaged and wanting more with each page.  The character development is really good in my opinion.  Apart from the lead characters, the rest of the cast is also multi-faceted, with their strengths, insecurities and challenges.

A locksmith with a penchant for detailed wood carvings and unfailing dedication to his child as a single parent... a little boy smart enough to teach himself the physics of radio operations, torn between loyalty and values... a young blind girl summoning courage in situations that most adults with perfect vision would not have... a housekeeper's surprising passion for the resistance movement... the General, an expert on precious stones following a personal vendetta and abusing power ...these characters are so vivid that they stay with you long after you finish reading the book.

Anthony Doerr's style of writing is simple, yet evokes all senses.  The sense of touch thru the wooden carvings, the smells from the housekeeper's cooking, the taste of fear for the blind girl...the visuals of the locations as described, the town, the museum, the hidden stairs and hiding room...the author has a way of making you live in the story - as if you are right there, living it with the characters..

This certainly goes in my 'definitely read' pile.  I am sure you will appreciate it.
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