Saturday, September 8, 2018

Once Again - Netflix Movie Recommendation

Often these smaller budget films are lost, and never reach audiences in small town USA where I live.  However I am so grateful it was recommended by a fb friend, so I saw it on Netflix instant streaming.

My last movie review post on my blog, was back in 2012, which shows you how inspired I was, after watching this movie.  I was surprised to see a mediocre 2.5/5 or 6.4/10 ratings for the film on popular Movie Review sites.  Here is my attempt to promote it, in the hope that more such movies will be made, and more importantly, be available to worldwide audiences easily. 

The setting and Mumbai scenes make you fall in love with this incredible city all over again!  The juxtaposition of a south Indian menu/chef, in an Iranian cafe style restaurant w/marble top round tables, shopping at the fish market with some local Marathi thrown in...was incredible. 

I totally loved the sounds of the restaurant kitchen chopping, frying, tadka and the Bombay traffic and street background noises which were all silenced for the simple dialogues.  Scenes where Tara marinates fish and cooks in a clay oven, or rubs some herbs in her hand and offers them to Amar so he can smell, or notes about the food and the occasion behind it ...were all highly appreciated.

The actors in "Once Again" have incredible chemistry, they don't really need dialogues to communicate.  Their facial expressions and silences are enough.  I absolutely loved Shefali Shah's colorful cotton sarees, and identified with her completely, in trying to juggle and balance her work, grown children, society expectations and her personal passions.  Amar's character was surprisingly humble and down to earth, not a typical film star profile.  The actor Neeraj Kabi gave it an additional dimension of sensitivity and I for one, will be following and watching his movies in future.

Speaking of grown children, both protagonists had children whose stories were woven into the movie. However, apart from the glimpse at contemporary India with children who have open thoughts, much more relaxed relationships with parents, some millennial generation selfishness and contemporary fashion choices - I believe they were just background.

I hope I have created enough intrigue, but not set really high expectations for the movie.  Watch it and Enjoy!  Let me know what you thought about it - post in comments below.

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