Monday, June 7, 2010

International Children's Festival - Ten Thousand Villages

What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than volunteer at the Annual Children's Festival held at Ten Thousand Villages. Visiting the flagship store in Ephrata, Pa is a treat any day, but this annual event is probably one of the best days to visit.

This year artisans visiting from Columbia demonstrated crafts made from orange peels.  Local volunteers (like yours truly, applying henna in the picture) supervised craft stations where kids could create and take home - clay ornaments, recycled newspaper coasters, dragonfly garden and planter embellishments from wire, block print artwork ...

The event provided rich cultural experiences that you did not need an international passport for.   Children could get henna on their hands, experience the joy of riding a rickshaw, learn to carry water like their counterparts in the developing world, experience international cuisine and so much more ... for just a dollar or two each.
I bet the little girl in the picture had a real quick shower that night and the teenager who volunteered to ride the rickshaw really appreciates his family car now.

Spending the day supporting Fair Trade and Ten Thousand Villages - Great, promoting 'endangered' arts and culture - Fantastic, having so much fun doing it - Priceless!

If you cannot wait until the next festival or cannot drive up to Ephrata, visit the local Ten Thousand Villages store in the Main Street at Exton shopping center across from Maggie Moos.


  1. But what about the flying carpets? :-) Great blog! :-)

  2. Hi Jenni

    Unfortunately - I did not get a chance to
    experience everything - definitely want to take my picture on the flying carpet next time!