Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Produce Junction, Exton - Challenge

I have been visiting the Produce Junction off Rt. 100 in Exton for a few years now.  For those not familiar with the place, it is THE place to get your fresh produce cheap (not locally grown).  They have a wide variety of prepackaged fruits and vegetables,  prices written on huge white boards above each section - fruits, vegetable and flowers.

You have to get in 3 lines if you want all three.  Some packages are left out for you to pick up and bring to the counter, some are behind the counter, you have to ask for them.  Your purchase is piled up on the counter and the cashier does the math (no calculators...) gives you the change and you are on your way.  Did I mention - they only accept cash.   They get really busy and the whole interaction may only be a couple of minutes...they move you along pretty fast.

So here's the challenge.  How do you get all the items you need, make some impulse purchase decisions, find that some items you need are not in stock and may have to be replaced, figure out the prices from the whiteboard (they are alphabetical in each category - good luck), do the math, count the change and pick up the packages all in a matter of few minutes?

Or - you simply get in line, trust the cashier and pay whatever he/she asks and shuffle on to the next line....

I wonder if someone has figured out an app for this....

Please share your strategies...

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