Thursday, August 12, 2010

Construction plans Great Valley area

A ribbon cutting ceremony planned for 2012.  Our tax dollars at work?

I am quite impressed with the planned half billion dollar infrastructure investment into our highway systems.  Widening the 202 corridor, adding new lanes to the PA turnpike, adding a ramp from Rt 29 to 202 and by the way creating 130,000 jobs in the area.  This is bound to bring economic growth to the region - read on more in the Daily Local News article.  For some who commute to the area - I think it will reduce some of the congestion on Rt. 30.

Let me know your thoughts.  Does it help your commute? Are you sighing in anticipation of all the construction traffic? Will it bring more companies and more jobs to the 202 corridor after the construction ?  Would you rather your tax dollars were spent elsewhere?  Do you think the local politicians have their personal agenda?

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