Sunday, August 15, 2010

Milky Way Farm CSA

Over the years I have tried to get a steady source of fresh produce from various local sources.  Wegmans, Downingtown has a locally grown section, West Chester has a growers market, I talked to several friends about the Kimberton CSA but decided it was too expensive to 'try'.

I was concerned about what I would do with produce I had never used in my cooking before....and also about the challenge of freezing and storing the abundant quantities that CSAs sometimes offered.  We have all heard about - too much squash thi sseason - we tried all kinds of recipes and just had to freeze some....

Well, I have found something just right for my family.  This year I joined the MWF Markets based in Chester Springs.  Their contact MWF Markets, 521 E Uwchlan Avenue, Chester Springs 19425 and the email is  The convenient weekly pick up can be at the Milky Way Farm in Chester Springs, off Rt. 113 or several other locations and the cost comes to about $22/week.  I discovered that the fruits and vegetables are ones that are frequently used in my home.  Everything you have heard and read about the quality of local produce is absolutely true!  We are consistently enjoying the juiciest fruits and highly flavored vegetables regularly.  I admit I still have to supplement some staple items from the Produce Junction in Exton.  I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to try a CSA.

Please share your own CSA experiences.

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  1. I just discovered this website which might be helpful to some of us who don't quite know where to find local produce in Chester County