Friday, August 27, 2010

Olive Garden in Downingtown

A recent article in the Daily Local News about the new Olive Garden on Quarry Road generated some passion among local residents.  Comments varied from 'Is this the best piece of real estate for the restaurant...traffic concerns...yet another chain restaurant...job creation...'  Check it out for your self.  Be sure to read the comments.


  1. Downingtown appears to be having an influx of restaurants -- more power to D-town residents!

  2. Bad economy? The restaurants in the Downingtown Area are packed with 1 hr waits every weekend. PJ's, Olive Garden, Molly Maguires, adds to DASD tax revenue.

  3. I am totally with you - we welcome all local job opportunities and additions to our tax revenue - and I hope we will continue to support the local mom and pop places too, in addition to the restaurant chains and big box pharmacies....