Sunday, September 5, 2010

Resources for Green Living - recycle

We all know about checking the triangle on the bottom of containers for the recycling bin, taking clothes to Goodwill or calling Salvation Army for furniture pickup.  Freecycle is amazingly popular (but requires you to sign up so watch out for the email influx) and ofcourse there's Craigslist.  

But what do you do with the eyeglasses that your children outgrow every 6 months?  Or the pile of used batteries from all the video games? or shoes that aren't in style anymore - occupying the premium closet space?  I read a colleague's blog post which had an interesting article from  10 Things you didn't know you can recycle has information on recycling toner cartridges, fluorescent bulbs, foam packing and more....

Another great suggestion I read recently - before you buy anything packaged turn the product over.  If it does not have the triangle with the number that your township recycles, put it down and pick another one that does!

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