Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blogging workshop at C B Pref- Exton

Patty Cunninghan and I pulled a few interested agents and engaged in a great conversation about blogging at the office.  We put our brand new gigantic screen TVs to good use - showing first hand how we blog, why we do it and with a little time and determination how anyone can blog.

I Blog
- because I need a web presence when prospects are looking for me
- to get google juice, to pull up my rankings in google searches
- because websites are too stagnant
-  because I want some control over what others are reading about me online
- because I have many things to say and real estate knowledge to share
- because I don't have to be tech savvy to do it - just point click and publish
-  because I believe social media is the best marketing tool  out there
- it is mostly free

I use Blogspot because
- I am a google fan
- I use the android phone, gmail, google docs, Picassa, contact management....all google products perfectly compatible with each other
- It is simple - just point click and publish - add pics, add links, add tags, widgets easily
- It is free (as opposed to options like Activerain which have monthly subscription fees)
- I love their Stats tab which shows which blogs are popular, how many views, what keywords led to the particular clicks...

Next Steps
- learning how to promote the blog
- mobile applications
- increase followers
- encourage comments

Patty uses Wordpress - visit her blog at


  1. Good work, Bela. I did a workshop on Blogger last week in GA and did a personal blog. It's so much fun!

  2. Thanks Bela & Patty, this was a very informative workshop, I already started my own blog. Let's keep it going!