Sunday, March 20, 2011

Local Gem - People's Light and Theatre Company

I took my kids to the Peoples Light and Theatre in Malvern to see The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. 
What an incredible experience!

I think the size of this theatre is perfect for a wonderfully engaging experience.  They have a very efficient website, with seating maps, to purchase tickets online in advance.  One can also book over the phone and pick up tickets at the desk right before the show.  There was an arts and crafts table with markers, and since it was Tom Sawyer - sheets of card stock in the shape of a fence boards.  Children were encouraged to create an artwork about their favorite book and submit them for display in the corridors.  After the play there was a Q and A session where all the actors sat upfront and answered audience questions - about props, costumes, practicing for the play, working with each other....

My favorite part of this play was the really creative set - fence cum benches, put to multiple use, for various scenes in the play.  I cannot describe it - you just had to see it to believe it!  When I mentioned this to a few friends, they told me that sets at this theatre are always wonderfully creative.  I discovered that quite a few friends buy season passes and love supporting this local gem.

The People's Light and Theatre Company not only hosts plays - but engages the local community for a very solid fan and membership  base.  They conduct workshops with local schools, participate in big read, have classes for all ages, 7yr olds - adults, professional development workshops and so much more... It is truly a part of Chester County's history.

Visit their website to see what's playing next - buy your season pass or tickets and enjoy!  To all my friends who buy season passes - please share your favorite part about this company.

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