Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Long term view - real estate market over the decades!

My strategy is to focus on every detail but never lose track of the big picture.  When we talk real estate, it makes sense to think long term.    I have written some, and read several articles that talk about NOW being the 'Right' time to buy real estate - but none of them in my opinion, are as simple and powerful as this one.

I am a numbers person - called spreadsheet lady by some - and to me this video with four graphs representing the real estate market over the last 8 decades, says it best.  It was created by Own America - a company that is  a web based resource for real estate professionals, advisors and investors founded by a real estate veteran Greg Rand.

Update 4/4/2011
Sorry folks this video has been changed to a promotional message.  Unfortunately I am unable to find the original video that had several graphs of home sales since 1930.
Bela Vora

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