Thursday, March 24, 2011

QR Codes

I am really excited about the buzz regarding QR codes in the real estate industry.   A lot of savvy agents are embracing this new technology.  For those who are not familiar...QR codes are like bar codes - only square and are used in hospitals, education, advertising, real estate and more.  They are a visual representation of a URL that can be scanned using a free App on your smart phone.  In real estate - I have seen them in ads, on business cards, as sign riders, in the brochure box......

I like them because
- they are a great way to give more details without taking up too much space at point of contact.
- they are easy to create - just visit any URL shortening site and it is a 2 click process.
- they are green - no need to print lots of brochures and throw them away with each small change.
- they push the envelope on technology a bit
- convenient - one can scan the code on their smart phone and view the details later when you have more time.

The biggest thing ofcourse is that not many people know about them.  Or if they do - they have not used them or downloaded the App yet - but they are certainly becoming more and more popular each day.  I was excited because I put a QR code on the brochure box for one of my listings and out of the 18 agents that came by for my brokers open - 5 recognized them and pointed out to this great tool I am using to help market my client's home.

Please share some of your experiences!
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