Thursday, March 24, 2011

Downingtown Schools - budget cuts

We know that if the PA Governor’s budget is approved, the Downingtown Area School District will receive $3,700,000 less in state aid compared to last year.   This loss, coupled with the $4,600,000 deficit the district was already facing due to the poor economy, will require an $8.2 million dollar reduction in expenses.  Check out the 2011/12 budget

At the Finance Committee meeting held yesterday, the administration also presented a three tiered list of program reduction measures, operating efficiencies, the consolidation of services, and revenue generating options to the School Board.   Check here for the possible Budget Cost Savings Measures presented by the CFO.  The 2011-12 Budget must be approved by June 30, 2011.

I am sure all our children will be impacted with these budget cuts - in some form or another whether it is sports, arts, music, school bus routes, cafeteria services or simply building maintenance.   Whatever budget cuts are made, it might help us deal with them better if we remind ourselves of all the privileges we have enjoyed at DASD and possibly taken them for granted.   I am guilty of not staying involved in these matters and have decided to be more aware and possibly a little involved in future.  

What are your thoughts?


  1. You can sign a petition - follow this link.

  2. ... we could also out of, or reduce overly generous pension plans with guaranteed annual increases