Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wellington Book Store - Eagleview, Chester Springs PA

Wellington Square bookshop
Wellingtown Square bookshop - fountain at entrance

A charming place in the heart of the Hankin Group's Eagleview community in Chester Springs - The Wellington Square Bookshop!  It appears to be the brainchild and personal passion of Sam Hankin - and may have been  established just so he could move his personal collection of books out of his home.  It is a very warm and welcoming space with dark woods and antique furniture - rocking chairs and comfy sofas with antique rugs and rows upon rows of books. 

Wellingtown Square bookshop - kids corner
The shop features rare collectible and used books - stop by and browse or bring your rare books in for an appraisal from their knowledgeable staff.   Cafes have become a standard part of bookstores everywhere... and the Wellington Square bookshop has one too - selling delectable cookies and treats along with  a good selection of teas and coffees.

The bookstore has a kid's corner with a nice assortment of classic and contemporary books.  Tucked away is a cosy reading area where you can easily spend hours reading with your child.   Explore cool toys that entertain and are ok for little fingers to touch, drop in a few coins in the fountain at the entrance - make a wish....

A big thank you to my friend Janine who hosted our bookclub at the Wellington Square bookshop - or else I would never have discovered this local gem!  Did I mention that the store gives 20% discounts for book clubs and allows you to host your meeting after hours?   A refreshing change from downloading ebooks and shopping on Amazon.com.  Stop by to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the smell and feel of a neighborhood book store.

The address is 549 Wellington Square, Exton, PA 19341 - call 610 458 1144 for more information.  Truly a local gem.

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