Thursday, September 27, 2012

Soaring like the Eagle - Liberty Union Bar and Grill

Liberty Union Bar and Grill, Chester Springs, PA
Give me a local mom and pop restaurant over a chain any day.  I love the personal touch, creative menu and efficient service.  I am very excited to write about this popular Chester Springs hangout, Liberty Union Bar and Grill.

Steve, the owner, brings 25 years of restaurant experience to create this wonderful business with a soul.  The restaurant is well integrated with the local community... they recently hosted fundraisers to support a local family that went through a terrible tragedy.  It is also a networking hotspot for local small business owners.  Check them out on facebook.

All restaurants have to have awesome food first and foremost and excellent service.  I thoroughly vouch for their vegetarian California wrap and crispy tater tots, which I ordered for dinner last week.  I am a vegetarian - so cannot help much with the other dishes, try and let me know.

As for an example of service, once I showed up for a networking event and found no one there.  I sent the staff in a couple of times trying to figure it out.  The owner himself came to sort it out -  apparently the event was canceled.  I really appreciated the personal touch and effort.  On another occasion, about the tater tots ... my friend and  I both missed the description on the menu and they came with bacon bits on top.  Unfortunately both of us do not eat bacon - sheepish look - we picked on the tots that did not have any bacon on them....  The waitress was pleasant, she was happy to get us a another order without the bacon, no questions asked, no manager approval needed.  When regular staff is empowered to offer service like that - you know you have arrived at a place where it matters.

Check out their outdoor patio area while the weather is gorgeous....sit right by the soaring eagle statue and let me know what you think about this local gem.  I do hope their reputation and success soars as well.  My best wishes!  In fact I am hoping they open another restaurant - we could certainly use a few more in the Chester Springs area ... Mexican anyone?

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