Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The house my buyers did not buy....

When I first met my home buyers, they had already visited this lovely townhouse in a very desirable neighborhood in Garnet Valley.  They had connected with the listing agent and were getting ready to make an offer.

They were advised to get a buyers agent and their first question to me was - "How can you really help us at this stage?  We have already found the home we want to buy."

I showed them how I could add value, and at the very first meeting they decided to sign me up as their buyers agent.  We saw that home was overpriced, the listing agent had not revealed the negatives about the property, the seller would not budge on the price and we could not get an agreement. Also, the buyers were really hoping to buy a single family home instead of a townhouse, with a study (that the town home did not have), and possibly a bigger backyard for their children.

Very excited to report, that just for 10% more - the buyers ended up buying a much bigger single family home in the same school district.  This home had everything on their wish list, and was in a great neighborhood where the buyer had friends.

On subsequent follow up we found that the townhouse did not appraise at purchase price.  If my buyers had gone ahead with that offer, they would have been forced to pay the difference in cash (which was tight to begin with) or lose inspections & appraisal fees if they backed out of the deal. Even more, the buyers saw how unprofessional and even unethical that listing agent was, and were relieved that they had decided to not work with him.

Truly a success - what do you think?  Read what the buyer had to say ...

I cannot tell you exactly how I will make a difference to your real estate transaction, because each transaction is unique, with different set of players and circumstances.  But I will confidently tell you, I am customer service oriented and fiercely loyal to my client's interests, so there will be a noticeable difference.  
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