Saturday, October 29, 2016

International Sale - Seller in Europe, Home in Chester Springs, PA.

During the real estate recession from 2009-2013,  when prices dropped, instead of selling, many homeowners became landlords.  Relocating homeowners, who could afford to hold on to their home, ended up renting it.  The rental market in the meantime was really strong and renting was a great idea, because the rent covered Mortgage+insurance+taxes+HOA fees...essentially your tenant was building equity for you!

Fast forward to 2016, when the market, especially in this part of Chester county, went back to being a sellers market.  Now, is a great time to sell, since home prices have mostly recovered.  The key to getting a premium price for a home is location, local demand/supply and condition of the house.

The home has now aged, and no matter how well the tenant has maintained it, the home shows wear and tear.  Lets face it, homes require constant maintenance and upkeep, and buyers are very very discerning when it comes to walking into a house and seeing how well it was maintained.  A home which has been rented for about 4-5 years, will never show the same level of maintenance as an owner occupied home.

I had stayed in touch with this prospective client over the 5 years, while his home was rented   When it came time to sell, he reached out and asked me to do the job.  I still had to sell myself over competition.  It is a little tricky to take on a listing where the client is in a different time zone and country, not local to manage the property, and the property is occupied by a tenant.  Well, I went the extra mile and while I could describe the process in my own words - it is probably more important to hear what the client had to say -

Peter Fehlmann
Mitglied des Verwaltungsrats bei Accesstech AG
Bela was tasked with one of biggest professional sales challenges as she had to sell our house with us being non-US citizens and living in Switzerland. She had to take over the house from our tenant get it ready for sale and then manage the whole sales process most independently. Bela did a terrific job and handled all the additional chlalenges that come with us as the property owner not being avaialbe on spot in the US. She set up a very structured process and was on top of things at all times, communicating suberbly with us in a very timely manner. We can highly recommend her to anyone who intends to sell their property in Chester County.
October 26, 2016, Peter was Bela's client

Thank you Peter and Michele, always a great feeling when hard work is appreciated.  I put myself in my clients' shoes - and give them the service I would expect myself.  Read more of my success stories here.

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