Friday, May 11, 2012

Why Home Inspections are so important

That guy with the tall ladder and flashlight goes into all corners from the basement to the attic and finds things you may completely miss even if you are staring at it.  He is the home inspector, who provides peace of mind when you buy your home.  He gives the buyers an idea of any major expenses coming down the road - whether it is roof repair or termite damage or radon correction or worse still - any structural damage.

Check out this CNN Money article on roof repair and a video of an interview with a home inspector showing how he adds value to a real estate transaction.

I highly recommend an inspection buyers of new construction homes as well.  Yes, is is a brand new house and what could go wrong - but maybe the ducts are not connected seamlessly and there is energy loss, maybe the downspouts are releasing water too close to the foundation, maybe the toilet bowl ring isn't tight, maybe grading is not quite right and window wells are not draining correctly, radon levels could fluctuate with more construction and digging in the neighborhood.....many many things to consider - especially if you are a first time home buyer and do not have much experience with maintaining a house. 

A lot easier to get the builder to fix things while the new home is still under warranty, but way better to get it fixed before settlement!  Websites like Zillow and Trulia have stories from homeowners that have had varied experiences - here is an example.

For home inspectors references in Chester county - contact me.

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