Wednesday, February 20, 2013

River of Doubt - Theodore Roosevelt's darkest journey

Written by Candice Millard, a thrilling adventure of a journey down an unmapped tributary of the mighty Amazon river sounds like fiction.  However, it is a true story of  Theodore Roosevelt's journey down the Amazon, after he lost the election in 1912.

I am not a big fan of American history and a city kid used to all modern conveniences - but this book simply transported me to the jungles of adventure.  It read like a thriller, with the explorers facing extraordinary challenges ... digging canoes from tree trunks, navigating violent rapids, battling tropical diseases, fighting pygmies with poisoned arrows ...and so much more.  The triumph of human spirit in search for an adventure was palpable.  All of this, as we try and understand this larger than life character of Theodore Roosevelt.

I highly recommend it.  I recently gave a copy to a client who is hoping to take a cruise down the Amazon -  albeit a more gentle and relaxing kind - but hopefully an adventure nevertheless.

More of my book and movie recommendations.  Would love to hear your views if you have read this book... or please leave some of your recommendations in the comments section below.  Thanks.

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