Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Do you really need a Realtor??

If you find yourself thinking
- I found my house online - do I really need a real estate agent?  
- If my tenant wants to buy my house, I will save Realtor fees if we can work out a deal ourselves?
-  I am going to buy new construction - won't they give me a better deal if I do not have an agent?
- An investor offered me a decent sum for a fixer upper home that I own and want to sell - do I really need a Realtor?  

This last question was not a concern for one of my clients.  She emailed me right away and asked - "Bela, I have an offer from an investor - can you run some comps and let me know what this house is worth.  Should we list the property for sale or just take up this offer?"  Thank you for that confidence and trust, I strive to earn that from every single client.

All research indicated she could get much more than what was being offered - and yes there would be costs associated with listing the property for sale, but she understood the costs and was prepared.  We decided we would definitely net more than what was being offered by that investor.  Even if we did not, we had the satisfaction of knowing we tried.  Love it when client and I are on the same page!

It was also important to sell the property fast.  It had not been updated in decades and we were concerned about roof leakage, in ground oil tank spill, termite issues with trees too close to the house, mold, break-in attempts on a vacant property, curb repair to pass U and O etc etc.   Well, the story ends with the client getting 6 written offers on the day it was listed!  The final sale price was over twice the investor's offer, in addition to the Realtor fees!  Additionally we discovered that we had saved significant money by being vigilant while evaluating the offers, negotiating one that did not include any inspection contingencies and making the buyer responsible for the Use and Occupancy certificate.

Needless to say - client and I were ecstatic - what a success story!

I cannot tell you exactly how I will make a difference to your real estate transaction, because each transaction is unique, with different set of players and circumstances.  But I will confidently tell you, I am customer service oriented and fiercely loyal to my client's interests, so there will be a noticeable difference!  Check out the testimonials from this and other clients.

Look for more success stories coming up, as I answer the other questions mentioned at the beginning of this blog.  Some of the success stories from earlier...

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