Friday, February 19, 2016

Procrastination actually made this story way more interesting!

Here's a success story that broke my long hiatus from writing these blog posts.  I just got too busy and neglected to write, what to me, was the best part of my work - the client stories.    I took so long to write it, I have way more good news to share with you now.

Its been over 3 years since I sold this home in the Twin Hills community of Chester Springs.   In 2012, the real estate market was in recession, my sellers were worried about lower home values... their move closer to King of Prussia seemed iffy and distant.

How many conversations I have had over the years with sellers, who agonize over and over about losing equity in their home, and prefer to not upsize or downsize, because they are simply paralyzed into inaction.  Well, these sellers took my advice to move on with their life, and I would help them get the best price possible for their home.

1303 Harness Lane, Chester Springs - Sold!

Well, I listed and sold their home in Oct 2012.   The couple moved to King of Prussia, as planned, They wanted to take some time to plan out their future which involved returning to their home country India.  But Mr Seller's consulting business and Mrs. Seller's job had to be wrapped up, opportunities in India had to be pursued and fully developed, and accommodations in India had to be finalized.  

When I reached out to them a few months after their KOP move, life had turned absolutely upside down.  The couple was expecting their first child!  Something they had been trying, for over a decade, and almost given up on.  Maybe it was the reduced stress of having finally dealt with the house and recessive market, maybe it was feng shui of the new place, maybe it was just blessings at the right time ....but they were ecstatic about this new development in their lives.

I connected with them, after the birth of their lovely daughter to wish them, and they mentioned that the move to India was shaping up nicely.  Today, when I called, the updates were even more phenomenal!   They had bought their own flat in the city of Cochin, very close to both sets of parents, who are all involved in raising their lovely daughter.  Mr Seller tells me, it has been awesome to go back, be so close to the family, having that precious family life they really really wanted for their daughter who is now speaking the local language and growing fast, keeping them all busy.   Plans are to buy a lovely home in their small village in another year or so, and live the stress free life they have always dreamt about.  Home values there are very very reasonable.  They have identified the perfect area, where their daughter will have access to one of the best schools in the state that provides international level education.  

In the meantime, all their proceeds from the sale of their home had been sent to India.  They made some safe investments with yielded high interest, which when compounded, will double their savings by 2021.   

I cannot stop smiling as I think about the family and feel their happiness.  Personal and financial success - priceless!  To think I was partially instrumental in setting this whole chain in motion....cannot love real estate any more than I do right now. 

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