Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Construction story - right upgrades and right timing...

I cannot tell you exactly how I will make a difference to your real estate transaction, because each transaction is unique, with different set of players and circumstances.  But I will confidently tell you, I am customer service oriented and fiercely loyal to my client's interests, so there will be a noticeable difference.  New construction is often perceived as a home purchase where the Realtor does not play much of a role.  Here is a story about how I helped a client with their new construction purchase in Applecross.  

We all know that the builder makes most of their money on upgrades...structural and design center upgrades.  This is one client who actually listened to everything I had to say.  (strange... even my own family doesn't do that!)  Valerie and Swapnil Kulkarni, bought this lovely house on my recommendation - the model, the lot, the upgrades.  2 years later, they called me to say they had to sell their home due to a job transfer!  Now, anyone who does real estate knows, that it is very very difficult to recoup purchase price within 2 years.  However the market was in our favor, the recession had ended - Downingtown schools and the Applecross neighborhood were both becoming popular.  I stopped by their home to give them an estimate for what their home would sell for.

As I walked around, I noticed that they had just the right kind of upgrades - not too much that one could not recover the amount put into them, and not too little to make the house look dull, drab an unattractive.  As I remarked on that - both burst out laughing saying... Bela, you don't remember, but we listened to every thing you told us at that time!  Long story short - we sold their home at a great price. Even after meeting all closing costs and Realtor fees, the Kulkarnis walked away with a tidy profit!

This is what they sent me from N Carolina :)
They know I love chai and love playing cards.....this mug reveals itself as I pour the hot liquid in it.

Their review on Linkedin when they bought the house....

Buyer - Applecross, Downingtown, PA

I met Bela for a resale listing which already had a pending offer on a home buyer portal. Bela is an expert in her area of work and extremely trustworthy. She is very creative and very punctual and provides great value to the home buying process. She took time out of her busy schedule to have deep and detail oriented conversations to understand our housing needs before making recommendations or suggesting listings and provided rational and practical feedback on the must-haves and nice to haves. She does not waste the client's time by painting a pretty picture but states the facts as they are. She is extremely patient and meticulous in her planning. As a realtor, we made a great connection that facilitated conversations and advice above and beyond her scope of work in areas like Home inspections, Home Finance etc.... She makes it a point to be physically present with the client at every step of the home buying process which is a daunting process and advises the client with realistic and practical advice that allows you think and make a decision. We recently closed on our dream first home and have been very fortunate to have worked with Bela as our realtor and trusted advisor.

I highly recommend Bela Vora and would be happy to connect her with any interested prospective home buyers in the Pennsylvania area. Thank you for everything Bela!
LinkedIn April 2013.

Thank you Swapnil and Val for your trust - simply makes it all worthwhile! Can I duplicate this with all clients..probably not, but would love to try. But read about my other Success stories here.

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